EuromiX Viet Nam is your nutritional solutions’ supplier. Our range of products supports our goal to make sustainable and clean farming, through a nutrition concentrate. This means we provide a whole nutritional package to support the whole feed industry with quality products.

Our first range is dedicated to farms. We provide base mixes, tailormade for the farmers mixing their feed directly at home. The base mix is easy to use and is a cost-effective solution. In the end, there is a better return on investment. For now, EuromiX Viet Nam is only focusing on swine segment, with a complete spectrum dedicated on growing pigs (from 15kg to finish) and the other one on reproduction (gestating and lactating sows).

The feed mill range is a complementary range which is in development phase. It includes feed additives but also support for the farms in terms of management, hygiene and safety of the animals.

EuromiX Viet Nam covers most of the species and offers a fully non-medicalised solution for a better future for the animals, but also for the final user.

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The nutrition concentrate