chemistry & research


Our feed formulation is the result of extensive research on animal nutrition, with a focus on amino-acids ileal digestibility and enzyme efficiency. Our aim is to supply farms with the same quality as the best feed from the industry, but to reduce costs thanks to home mixing.

Precision of formulas

The ingredients available in the farms are analyzed in order to supply with a precise formula in true time.

Precision of formulas

Euromix helps you making the best feed you can with your own raw material. The benefits are numerous:

1/ Health: decrease of neo-natal diarrhea, decrease of sow’s cystitis and constipation

2/ Performance on carcass: increase of back lean, “pinker” meat

3/ Performance on reproduction: shorter postweaning-oestrus period, resulting in an increased number of piglet/year, but also stronger and more resistant piglet resulting in less piglets lost before weaning

4/ Better Feed Consumption Rate and Average Daily Gain resulting in growing time saving