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A basemix is a kind of premix that contains all the necessary vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids to mix with a certain range of raw materials.

Relying on the latest nutritional research, EuromiX base mixes 4% contain all the necessary ingredients to produce a performing feed through an adapted formula with regional available raw materials. The mix produced at the farm will fit the requirements of the pigs and enhance a lower FCR.

All the suppliers are carefully selected in order to get the first-grade ingredients in the base mix, as well as a highly bioavailable trace elements.

Containing a specific cocktail of enzymes, the base mix is made to release a maximum amount of endogenous phosphorus as well as many amino acids as possible. It also allows an increase of the energy from the raw materials, leading to a highly digestible feed limiting the diarrhoea.

Our base mixes are guaranteed not to contain any antibiotics, hormones nor growth promoters.

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Eurostart 238

For pigs from 15 to 30 kg.

Eurogrow 268

For pigs from 30 to 60 kg.

Eurogrow 288

For pigs from 60 to 100 kg.

Eurogest 323

For gestating sows.

Eurolact 326

For lactating sows.